Two Hour, Half-Day or Full-Day Workshops

(all topics can be presented in one-hour, or “Lunch & Learn”, formats)

We customize our trainings in order to deliver the outcomes you are looking to achieve.  Wellpower workshops are highly participatory, involving discussion, movement, experiential exercises and liberal doses of humor. In addition, our trainings allow new ideas and skills to be implemented immediately.


Workshop Topics Include:

  • Stressed For Success – stress reduction strategies
  • Stress Management 202 – effective advanced techniques
  • Head Games – 6 beliefs that can make (or break) your career
  • Restore Your Resiliency – secrets of the Bounceback career path
  • Have the Time of Your Life – time management skills
  • Life Balance 101 – life/work integration in a busy, busy world
  • Wellness Works! – workforce wellness & balance
  • Changing Times – thriving through organizational changes
  • Your Money for Your Life – eliminating personal financial worries
  • The Art of Aging Well – thriving in the autumn of life & career
  • Ground Control to Mars & Venus – resourceful gender communications
  • Bad Behavior = Bad Business – manners matters in the workplace
  • Parents’ Survival Guide – how to flatten out the roller coaster
  • Do It Now! – strategies to overcome procrastination
  • Can You Relate? – diversity awareness & relationship skills
  • Mastering Mindfulness – being in (and enjoying) the present moment
  • Creativity, Inc. – using right brain tools in a left brain world
  • Just Say “No – appropriate boundary setting in today’s workplace
  • The Problem Personality Primer – dealing with divas, jerks and zombies
  • How’s Your Charisma? – finding personal power from the inside out
  • Good Grief! – on the “other” side of dealing with loss of any kind
  • Creative Conflicts – turning workplace conflicts into opportunities
  • Eating in the Fast Lane – a practical approach to food on the go
  • Running on Empty – healthy practices for life in the fast lane
  • OR tell us your issues, and we’ll design a program to address them!


  • Can You Relate? – diversity awareness & relationship skills
  • Head Games* – 6 beliefs that can make (or break) your career
  • Communication and the Art of Listening – communication skills
  • So Now You’re a Manager* – the top 12 traits first-timers need to develop
  • How’s Your Charisma?* –  effective leaders are made, not born
  • The Four Agreements at the Office* – a vision for a workplace that works
  • Negotiate to Win/Win – proven techniques for sales and service
  • Escaping the “So Far, So Good” Trap* – what got you here won’t get you there
  • First Impressions Don’t Last! – the art of the interview (for managers)*
  • Creativity, Inc. – using right brain tools in a left brain world
  • Engagement, Not Marriage* – sharing “ownership” with your best & brightest
  • Customer-Centered Service – working with internal & external clients
  • Making Meeting Magic* – “how to’s” for meetings people want to attend
  • Obsessions of an Exceptional Executive – cornerstones of leadership
  • The Problem Personality Primer* – dealing with divas, jerks and zombies     
  • Building High Performance Teams – (with Challenge Course option)
  • Creative Conflicts – turning conflicts into opportunities
  • Send Me In, Coach! – developing a coaching climate

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